Altuzarra FallWinter 2016

Screenshot (13)

The turtle necks will be major this winter! They were statement piece in another collection of New York Fashion Week, Altuzarra FallWinter 2016.

Screenshot (14)

As you can see, this brand can mix prints very good, it’s not tacky, but it’s chic. Also there were lots of saddle bags.

Screenshot (18)

Grey and darker colors dominated on the runway. Well, you need to distinct yourself from the whiteness of the snow. 🙂

Screenshot (19)

Look at that magnificent coat! Keeps you warm, is very beautiful and it’s fake fur. What more can you ask?

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)

Altuzarra with this collection gave us a very important lesson : How to wear summer dress in winter and not look like a complete idiot. 🙂
Screenshot (23)

As you can see from all the pictures, the stylist for the show chose natural hair. Appreciate and love your hair, no matter what color or shape it is, it’s yours and it’s beautiful! Thank you Altuzarra for honoring the natural beauty of the hair. ❤

Screenshot (24)

Sparkly shirts are coming. 🙂

Screenshot (25)

This was my favorite piece from the collection, such a beautiful dress and beautiful collection!

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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