Dior Cruise 2017

It’s Cruise shows time! And as always I’m very excited. The clothes, the locations and the story behind them are different from all other collections and that makes them very special and exotic.

On 31.05.2016 we’ve been blessed to watch the first Dior collection since Raf Simons departed from this major fashion house. It was presented in the Blenheim Palace in London. For a collection that was designed without creative director it was surprisingly good. I’ve read comments on various social media, a lot of people criticized the collection, saying it was very plain and not Dior at all. But I don’t think so. My relationship with Dior Cruise 2017 was love at first look. Just look at this masterpiece:


First-the craft of the jacket and that scarf detail. Second-layering lesson. Third-beautiful red bag to grab your attention and to add life and fire to the whole outfit.

Let’s move on to look no.4 :


I don’t even have to comment on the beauty of this velvet dress. Combined with the boots and the bag it’s a perfect 10.


Imagine yourself walking around in Paris, wearing this outfit, being your most charming and alluring self you can possibly be. Beautiful, modern and sophisticated woolen coat. And notice the scarves acting like bracelets. My favorite outfit from the collection.


And how about this tweed coat, would you wear it? I know I would.


Look 23: multi-printed, silk dress, combining three different base colors. You look at the dress and the boots and the orange scarf immediately catches your sight. Whoever thought of this detail, I applaud you!

And now it’s time for look 24:


Beautifully chosen colors. Shirts and skirts, who doesn’t love this combination? And what about that green bag? Do you visualize yourself putting your lipstick, wallet and phone inside, and conquer the world with it?


How more chic one outfit can get? Woolen coat, scarf, leather shorts and those knee-length boots!


Dior wants you to express your elegant side with this long, black silk dress. How romantic! It looks like an urban princess with that interesting belt.


I like this outfit, it’s very unusual. The print is very nice, it’s not tacky at all, and that white silk piece on the upper part of the dress calms the whole outfit. Impressive.


I like the craft behind this dress. Three different floral prints mixed so well.


This is my second favorite coat from this collection! Marvelous blue tweed coat paired with very chic bag! Although I would combine it with… Let’s see… Red heels maybe? And red lipstick of course.


Ok, it’s obvious that I’m mad about the coats, right? 😀 Can you blame me, look at it, asymmetrical, futuristic and beautiful color!


Who knew that silk and tweed looked so good together?

And last but not least here is close up from the bags. You welcome!


Dior, thank you for such a pretty collection and good luck with finding the best possible creative director. I know you will choose the right one!

Photo courtesy : Dior.com

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea





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