Vera Wang Spring Summer 2017

Floral prints for spring? No, Vera Wang doesn’t follow the mass.

Famous for her love for black, she found inspiration in the darkest of colors once again. Vera doesn’t think like the majority of fashion people, and rebelled against the light-colors-for-warm-seasons unwritten rule.

In her Spring Summer 2017 collection she used just two colors – black and white. Opposites attract after all.

She opted for bare shoulders, cut outs and see-through materials.

The hair and make up were natural, which is probably the biggest trend right now.

I noticed that Vetements had inspired Vera in a major way. She used the bomber jacket similar to the one that was shown in theirs Haute Couture show back in July.

With music as dark as the collection and sleeves as long as ape’s arms, Vera Wang makes her name in the urban wear field. And she’s doing good.

I congratulate Vera on the idea on bringing the peplum back in style. If I were a designer, I would have done the same thing. We’ve seen so many crop tops and ripped jeans, it’s time to bring that cute detail to our outfits, and take out from the closet our long forgotten peplum skirts.

As lover of pearls, I fell in love with a few see-through short dresses embroidered with flawless imitation of these precious gems.

This 46 piece collection included suit-like elements, either it were the pockets, the V-shape, lapels, or the jacket itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo courtesy : Yannis Viamos

If you want to see the whole show, go on Vera Wang’s site and decide for yourself, are you bold enough to wear her black.

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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