David Lynch’s Nudes

Every human being has its own special curves and angles, proportions, and colors. We are so diferent, and in the same time so similar to each other. Human differences is somehow a taboo, because of the constant media pressure of looking a certain way. Society has made us so aware of other people’s filtered perfections that we often forget to look at our own magnificence and the strength and beauty that our bodies manifest.

There’s one man, mad about the variety of women’s physique. His name is David Lynch, a director, writer, artist, actor, and a photographer, with a mind so mysterious and twisted. One can see by the woman he casts in his films that he is amazed by the magic of women’s contrasts. From the typical american babe, Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer in “Twin Peaks”), the sultry petite Sherilyn Finn (Audrey Horne in “Twin Peaks”), the exotic Joan Chen (Josie Packard in “Twin Peaks”), the daring Laura Dern (Sandy Williams in “Blue Velvet”), the passionate Italian Isabella Rossellini (Dorothy Vallens in “Blue Velvet”), to the stunning Nastassja Kinski (unnamed character in “Island Empire”), David investigates a range of beautiful women and their roles they play in other people’s and their own lives. He sees them as heroines, and showes their duality, how vunerable and how strong they can be.

In his newest book “Nudes”, released in November 2017, in more than 200 color and black and white photographs, David Lynch expresses his fascination with the diversity of the female form. The erotic and sensual photographs are close to abstraction, showing caleidoscopic visions of a woman’s lines. He explained, “I like to photograph naked women. The infinite variety of the human body is fascinating: it is amazing and magic to see how different women are.”



Photography by David Lynch

Listen to David’s advice, take time to pay attention to your unique curves, poisture and essence, and fall in love with them. It will not be a time wasted.

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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