Chanel Spring 2018 Haute Couture

The collection of all collections.

For Chanel’s Spring 2018 Haute Couture collection, Karl Lagerfeld presented us the history of the house of Chanel. He used silhouettes from previous seasons, upgraded them to be prettier than ever. Pretty was the theme. Parisienne chic was the mantra.

Using light, pastel and happy colors, Karl stood against all that is dark and ugly in the moment. The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, terrorist attacks, climate change are the things that cover the world on a daily basis with a black veil. And going by Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that.”, Karl and the house of Chanel for this spring give us pink, white, violet, flowers and sparkles.

Showing the romantic side of Paris through the garments, each outfit is made with precision, and styled with delicacy, showing us again why Maison Chanel still stands strong in the fashion business. Couture is art, and should be more respected. Living in an age of fast fashion, we buy garments that cost less than grocery, and forget how beautiful should the process of making fashion be.

But in the meantime, lets feast our eyes upon the magnificent Garden of Chanel.

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Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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