Valentino Spring Summer 2017

50 shades of Pierpaolo Piccoli.

Valentino Garavani, an Italian with passion for fashion, founded the fashion house “Valentino” in Rome in 1960. It rose to fame in 1962 in Florance, Italy’s capital of Fashion.

Mr. Garavani decided to retire and on 4th October 2007 he held his last collection in Paris. He appointed Maria Garzia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccoli as creative directors.

Today, 56 years after the foundation of the Maison, Maria Chiuri left her place at Valentino and took the job as creative director of Dior.

On 2nd October 2016 at Paris Fashion Week, we were presented with Piccoli’s first solo collection for Valentino. And it was as magical as I thought it would be.

The 64-piece collection varied from the simplest dresses to such delicate and strong embroidery. And lots of color. Shades of pink, green, yellow and the famous “Valentino red” graced the runway and made us wish for spring to come faster.

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The romantic dresses were well combined with strong medieval jewelry. Sword earrings? Yes, please!

Valentino gave us these very beautiful mini lipstick holder bags, for which I would gladly spend my money.

Although I still can not get over the fact that Maria and Pierpaolo are not collaborative partners anymore, I’m glad that now, they will have to express their creativity alone. They both are exceptional designers after all.

This collection is very important, because we see Pierpaolo Piccoli‘s true identity and artistic vision. And I like it. A lot!

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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