We live in a time when access to information is the smallest problem one can have. God bless the internet, and its huge database. Besides the tons of particular facts that live in the cyber space, the internet is a habitat for people’s opinions. Everybody has something to say and the best place to say it is on the Net. The cheapest psychotherapist in town!

The recent event, that had people divided, angry and encouraged is the #TimesUp movement, and one person in particular – Harvey Weinstein.

The American film producer whose work needs no introduction (Kill Bill, Shakespeare in Love, Malena, Tulip Fever among others), became notoriously famous for his extramarital affairs, sexual harassments and rape allegations form lots of famous actresses, like the fairest of them all, Uma Thurman.

This Harvey guy, had a beautiful and talented wife, called Georgina Chapman who co-founded the house of Marchesa, a label producing incredibly romantic dresses, made with such delicacy, one can’t help but wonder are they made from fairies instead of humans. After her husband’s scandal, lots of people in her field started ignoring her and not showing her dresses on the red carpet. Most recently, Scarlett Johansson, an avid activist of #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, choose to wear a beautiful Marchesa gown at the Met Gala 2018. Lots of people started criticizing her for being hypocritical by wearing something that Harvey’s wife made. And the question is what does her talent has to do with her husband immorality? She apologized to all the women her husband’s harsh words or actions made an impact and asked for a divorce. Georgina is in no way guilty and should not suffer the consequences of Harvey’s doings. We are all separate persons after all. She didn’t assault and didn’t rape any actress or woman whatsoever.

Georgina Chapman and Marchesa are here to create, and make woman feel pretty in their dresses. Exactly opposite of what her husband did. So leave Georgina and her label alone, so they can create the most exquisite and feminine dresses of our times.

And yes, #ILoveMarchesa and looking forward to the day when I can afford one.

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea


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