Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019 Ready-To-Wear

There’s an old saying in the fashion world, that goes “Never ever, under any circumstance, wear red and pink! They don’t do well together.”

Huh, says who? Brandon Maxwell is here to prove everybody wrong. How come the two most socially feminine colors aren’t compatible? They make such an appealing combination. The strength of red is calmed by the innocence of pink. A perfect blend.

Exactly these two colors made this collection of Brandon Maxwell so popular. This show and the Ralph Lauren one were the most talked about during New York Fashion Week. The sexy clothes, chic shoes, and the see-through bags with cowboy hats in them, the later were a collaboration with Gigi Burris, all made this collection so fresh and feminine. The clothes put an accent on women’s curves, in one outfit he points out the back, in other the highlight is on the cleavage. And should I start talking about those red leather pants?

The Texas native designer went back to his roots with this Spring 2019 Ready-To-Wear collection and it payed off. Roots are important, and as always they seem to be a big successful inspiration. The designer who is so sincere on social media, is already a favorite of lot of fashionistas. With collections like this one, his place as a remarkable designer is very well cemented.

Photos :

We live in a time of over-sized puffer jackets, ripped jeans and slippers. Thank God there’s Brandon Maxwell.

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea

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